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Directions to the Brewery (Registration) & Race Course:

  • From the North:
    Highway 93 south out of Missoula, down to Lolo. Take a right at the first traffic light in Lolo, Ridgeway Rd. up to the Lolo Peak Brewery, 6201 Brewery Way. It’s on up the hill on the Right with a red roof. To reach the course, bear right following the signs.
  • From the South:
    Highway 93 North through Lolo to the second Light, Ridgeway Rd., then up to the Lolo Peak Brewery, 6201 Brewery Way Lolo, MT. It’s on up the hill on the Right with a red roof. To reach the course, bear right following the signs.

Parking and Camping:

Solo Riders get the choice parking.

Schedule of Events:

12:00-8:00pm Packet Pick up at Lolo Peak Brewery
12:00-8:00pm Course open for pre riding (registered racers ONLY)
12:00-8:00pm Mandatory Clean Bike Inspection
6:00-8:00am Mandatory Clean Bike Inspection
6:30am All Rider Race Meeting at Start Finish
7:00am 12 Hours of Lolo Race Start
7:00pm Race Finish
7:30mp Awards

Neutral Race Support:

  • Neutral Mechanical support is available near the Course Access for riders in between laps. Riders on the race course are on their own (see the Rules section)
  • Water is available next to the Course Access for refilling.
  • Food will be available in the Venue Area.
  • Racers may place Personal Support Coolers in the flat area just beyond the Check Station.– Solo/Duo Parking


  • Only racers that have signed out at the Lap Exchange are allowed on the race course during the race.
  • Spectating is OK from the main road on up the trail, but PLEASE stay off of the race course while the race is in progress.

Medical Support:

Report any medical mishaps immediately to the Start / Finish Station.

Prizes and Awards:

  • Solo Men 1st- $500 and Swag
  • Solo Women 1st – $500 and Swag
  • Duo and 4 Person Teams:
    • 1st – Medals and Swag
    • 2nd– Medals and Swag
    • 3rd – Medals and Swag
  • Hot Lap Prize – The First Lap does not count! Warm those guns up before you fire them (Male and female).

Course Description:

(Course Map and Profile coming soon) The race course is approx. 10 miles per lap, with 2100 ft. of climbing per lap. It is a combination of single track and two tracks (well-manicured). The course access near the Start/Finish area is the only place for riders to get on and off of the race course.
***Warning: In the event of inclement weather, the course may be altered.

Clean Bikes:

**No riders will be allowed on the course w/o this inspection.
Bike inspection at packet pick up is preferred. Bring your bike to get your packet. You will not be allowed to pre ride without an inspection. Additional Bike inspection can be done from 6-8 a.m. Saturday morning as well. The Gracious private land owner, as part of our race contract, requires that ALL bikes be clean. We do not want new noxious weeds introduced to this pristine property. There will be no exceptions.

Prior to pre-riding on Friday, all bikes will need to be inspected by a Lolo 12 volunteer/official. This ideally will happen at packet pick up or upon entrance to the venue. If your bike does not get checked off at packet pick up, the Bike Inspection Area will be near the start gate. Solo riders and lead-off team riders need to have their bikes inspected Friday or before the gun goes off. Remaining team riders have until 8am. If you need to clean your bike, please do so prior to arrival or head back into Lolo.

Pre-riding Friday:

All registered racers will be able to pre-ride the course Friday from 12-8 p.m. You will only be allowed to pre-ride if you have had your bike inspected, and you have your number plate on your bike. This is for insurance purposes. Your cooperation on these issues is imperative to the health of this event and the course.

Safety and Course Hazards:

All riders: must wear an ANSI approved helmet at all times on course. No kayak helmets.

Passing: Lapped racers must yield. Passing riders please be vocal. It is the responsibility of the challenging racer to overtake safely. Racers being passed must yield as soon as safely possible. We request, riders do not leave the single track. Please find an appropriate passing location or stop, put your foot down, and pull yourself and your bike out of the way to let the faster rider overtake.

No Litter: Any racer found littering on/off the course will be disqualified. This includes gel packs, bar wrappers or CO2 canisters.

Short Cuts: Short cutting the course will result in immediate disqualification. Don’t be that guy.

Scoreboard and Race Clock: There will be a Scoreboard near the Check-In station which will be updated with laps completed and race standings throughout the race. A Race Clock will be in a prominent location showing the time remaining in the race. This clock will begin counting down 2 hours into the race starting at 9 a.m.

Race Numbers: Race numbers are mounted to your handlebars with the provided zip-ties. Racers must display their race number on their bike at all times. Number over top of cables please.

Course Support: No on-course support will be provided by the event. Riders are required to provide their own hydration. Water and food may be supplied to any racer in the Neutral Support Area; as long as the racer and support is off the course and does not interfere with the race. Interference with other racers will result in disqualification. Coolers may be placed along the edge of the course in the Neutral Support Area; just beyond the Course Access and Lap Exchange Area.

The Race:

The Lap Exchange / Finish Station will be the only official access to the race course.

Race Start:

The race begins with a gun blast and a Le Mans style mass start. Riders will head toward the course from the Venue area.


  • Racers must check-in at the Lap Exchange / Finish Station maze before starting each lap. (except for the Starting Lap)
  • Racers must check-in at the Lap Exchange / Finish Station maze upon completing each lap.
  • Racers may continue on for more than 1 lap but must check-in after each lap at the Start Finish timing area.
  • Lap Times for the Hot Lap Prize will be recorded at the completion of each lap; as each racer passes through the Check Station. At this completion, the time begins for the ne begins for the next lap. The 1st lap does not count toward Hot Lap Prize. **The racers are responsible for ensuring that their number gets recorded with the time keepers.
  • Only one rider from a team may be on the course at any given time.
  • Each team member must complete at least one lap or the team will be disqualified.
  • Soloists and teams may finish their race at any time during the 12 Hours and will be credited with laps completed to that point to determine placing, but must ride at least 6 laps to qualify for awards.
  • No laps may start after the official finishing hour.


  • Order of finish is determined by highest number of laps, then by lowest time in the case that there is a tie in the number of laps.
  • Teams and Solo riders must complete their race within the 12 hour time limit; any laps finished after the 12 hour time limit WILL NOT count toward the total.
  • Hot Lap Prize: Timers will keep track of which Team has the fastest lap but not which individual on that team it is. This is the responsibility of the participating Teams.

***Once results are posted teams will have 15 minutes to challenge results at which time they will become official. We recommend that you monitor your team’s progress and compare it with the “official scorers” as the event is progressing to avoid any problems at the conclusion.

Other Race Rules:

  • Once on course a racer is expected to complete the lap. However, the team has the option of canceling the racers lap and restarting the lap from the start/finish line with a substitute should the first racer be unable to complete the lap for any reason, including injury. Once a cancellation has been made it cannot be rescinded and the cancelled lap does not count as a completed lap.
  • On the course racers may only receive mechanical assistance from another registered racer. A rider providing assistance to another rider must have entered the course under their own power, either on foot or on bicycle. Short cutting the course is not allowed. Any rider who has entered the course in support of another may bring equipment and tools and may even swap bikes with the rider in need of support. The cannibalizing of bikes is permitted. In the case of a bike swap, racers must swap the bike number to the new bike prior to continuing the race.
  • One person must be designated as the Captain of the team to ensure the team is registered correctly (information is correct) and to deal with event officials in the event of problems or concerns.